• About World Peace Orchestra
    and WPO Foundation

    WPO is an international social solidarity organization that promotes
    tolerance, peace and dialogue to address problems around the world
    such as war, hunger, poverty and prejudice. World Peace Orchestra
    Foundation carries out social responsibility projects and relief society
    activities/humanitarian relief activities.
  • WPO Summer Camp

    Young people selected for the orchestra will begin
    by training and rehearsing at our summer camp in New York.
    They will also participate in travel programs, enhancing their
    enjoyment of their American visit...
  • Classical Instruments

    The World Peace Orchestra includes hundreds of young
    instrumentalists and singers from around the world. The
    classical orchestra will consist of four groups.
  • Polyphonic Choir

    The WPO's classical and ethnic instruments will perform
    both monophonic and polyphonic works with its choir of
    young performers ages 15 to 22.
  • Evaluation

    All initial applications will be evaluated by a jury of
    experts and results will be posted on our website.
    Certain participants will be selected to complete an
    online training program while jury conducts its final
  • Ethnic Instruments

    WPO will include young people of many cultures,
    languages and ethnic backgrounds, we will feature
    many local and ethnic instruments, in order to enrich
    our harmony.These ethnic instruments will include:
    hindewhu, nose flute, umuduri, begena, kissarwashintkwitra,
    zurnamandole, simsimiyya, balafon...
  • World Class Guest Artists

    In order to send a strong message about collaborating
    for world peace, world-class singers and instruments will perform
    with young singers from all over the world at the premiere.
  • Education

    After the first evaluation stage, selected applicants will receive
    an online training program from the World Peace Orchestra
    instructors. Those who improve the desired level will be
    invited to the United States to participate WPO group training,
  • Themes

    Music is the common language of all humanity, directing
    our hearts toward kindness and beauty. A melody will
    elicit the feelings of the listeners through the composer's
    passion that he or she originally felt and wished to express.
Continue Reading > World Peace Orchestra Inaugural Youth Concert at the Lincoln Center

World Peace Orchestra Inaugural Youth Concert at the Lincoln Center

A star-studded evening is planned at the Lincoln Center - during the concert, the musicians will be led by guest Lithuanian conductor Gintaras Rinkevičius and will be joined by world renowned violinist Alexander Markov. Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey will also be in attendance to introduce the orchestra.


Tuesday, 10 September 2013
Opening Speech
Opening Speech
"Jack [Lemmon] became a dear friend and the most important mentor of my life. Jack had a philosophy that I’ve adopted as my own. He used to say that, if you’ve done well enough and... "


Sunday, 25 August 2013
Guest Conductor
Guest Conductor
One of Europe’s most famous conductors, Gintaras Rinkevicius will be conducting the World Peace Orchestra concert at the Lincoln Center Avery Fisher Hall on September 10th.;


Saturday, 24 August 2013
Rock Concerto
Rock Concerto
Famous American violinist Alexander Markov , the star of violinists and a master of Paganini caprices has practiced with the young musicians of the World Peace Orchestra for the rehearsal of his Rock Concerto.